Painting Stucco: the Pro’s and Con’s

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July 22, 2016
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November 22, 2016
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Painting Stucco: the Pro’s and Con’s

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We recently spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of “Whitewashing Stucco.” However, another major option available to today’s homeowner is painting stucco over.

I wanted to briefly touch on the Pro’s and Con’s of painting over your stucco wall for the purpose of restoring the fresh look it once boasted.

As with anything else, I like to provide my opinions and information in order to give people a starting point on their research.

Stucco in general is known for its low maintenance requirements throughout its life. In fact, people estimate that Stucco can last up to 75 years. Of course, depending on the yearly maintenance you provide your stucco wall, you eventually may want to refresh your house’s look. It can also be as simple as just wanting to change colors.

Painting your stucco, although not generally the recommended course of action, is still an option to many homeowners, and here are just a few pro’s and con’s that I have come up with.

The Pro’s of Painting Your Stucco Wall

  • Refresh or restore wall’s color and look
  • Initially cheaper then Whitewashing stucco or applying another full coat of stucco. (depending on type of paint)
  • Can provide waterproofing benefits if applied correctly (Elastomeric paint)
  • May help resist staining (depending on type of paint)
  • May prove to have effective sealing qualities, allowing dirt and other undesirables to be washed from the surface more easily. (depending on type of paint)
  • can fill in small cracks on your stucco (depending on type of paint)
  • can help protect agains mold and mildew (depending on type of paint)

The Con’s of Painting Your Stucco Wall

  • Adding paint to basically turns your stucco exterior from a relatively low maintenance option, to a much more maintenance intensive exterior as paint does not have the same durability that a coat of stucco would.
  • Although cheaper at first, the cost of completely removing (sandblasting) this paint to then add another coat of stucco or paint correctly is significant.
  • Reduces the stucco’s breathability which in  turn reduces its ability to dry off. This can be a major problem if water enters the wall through windows and other wall penetrations.


In conclusion, although I personally believe that it is not a good idea to simply paint over your current stucco wall, it is an option to homeowners. In fact, depending on your specific situation it may be the best solution for some at the current moment. Hopefully the aforementioned pro’s and con’s will be a good starting point when making an informed decision.

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