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Whether on the outside of your home or the inside around your fireplace, the experts at Tidy can create a fresh look hand-crafted stucco, plaster or stone veneer. Stucco work/applications can be durable, cost-efficient, and aesthetically-appealing options for private residences and multiple-unit dwellings.

What can we
do for you?

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What can we
do for you?

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Why Tidy Stucco Construction Company

Flexibility of design

Can be applied/installed to virtually any design specification

Variety of choices

A variety of colours, textures, and finishes (colours can be changed in the future


stucco has a fire resistance capacity for a period of up to one hour

Noise barrier

Stucco has better noise insulation properties versus other finishes

Endurance over time

there is a more ageless or everlasting aesthetic to stucco

Interior ambience

Potential to add stucco accents and features inside the home


A professional stucco application by the skilled crews at Tidy may provide/deliver several advantages:

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