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Maintaining Your Stucco

Although Stucco requires relatively little maintenance, as with any other outdoor system, some stucco maintenance is always recommended. Not only does this stucco maintenance keep your stucco clean and beautiful but it also reduces the need for any major future repair costs.

It is always important to regularly check your stucco for cracks, any type of physical damage, and any water damage (i.e mold.) Regular inspections will allow you to correct these small issues and avoid them from becoming big expensive ones. If  your stucco is installed correctly and you get in the habit of regular stucco maintenance then you will most likely not have many issues other than damage from outside factors.

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Here are a few tips on how to maintain your stucco:

  1. First and foremost remember to check regularly for cracks and other damage. ( Consider inspecting your stucco 4 times a year, once per season)
  2. Keep an eye out for Mold, this is very important because if you spot the mold early enough, you can correct the issue much easier and a lot less costly. (If spotted early enough you may be able to scrub the affected area and remove the mold with a bleach/water combination, caution is recommended) 
  3. If you want to be cautious try to clean your stucco two to three times a year. To clean your stucco simply use water and dishwashing soap. This will ensure that you keep your stucco clean and potentially help prevent mold from growing on your stucco. (becareful with power washing as the pressure may damage the stucco)
  4. Over the years, it is also normal to find small gaps in between the stucco and the windows, doors, vents and anything else that is attached to the stucco. Be sure to caulk these gaps to prevent water penetration
  5. Try to avoid painting over your stucco. Painting is usually deemed the most economical option at the moment. However, if cleaning does not do the job well enough then either leave it alone or consider redashing the wall.
  • Painting over your stucco wall is not recommended for a few reasons one of these being the fact that you will potentially have much more maintenance requirements to maintain the paint. If the wall is not redashed and the older painted stucco is not sanded down, then the paint will not stick as well as it should.
  • If you have traditional stucco (see more on traditional stucco here) then painting over your stucco will reduce its beneficial water absorption abilities.




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