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July 12, 2016
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Preparing your mix for Stucco Repair:

We’ve all been there. Its a beautiful Sunday morning, your doing some yard work enjoying the day until you happen to pass by a Stucco wall that has a big crack or blister.

STUCCO repair wall

Stucco Wall

The best thing to do now is repair your stucco wall before the damage becomes worse. You basically have two options:

  1. contact a local Stucco Expert or
  2. try to do it yourself.


If you opted for the first choice, and you’re anywhere in New York

then Tidy Stucco Contractors can help,

If you opted for the latter, then here are some tips for making the spreadable mix:

Of course, the amounts all depend on the size of the area you need to patch. Figuring out the perfect consistency for your stucco mix can be tricky if you are inexperienced but here is a basic guideline.

Before you start doing anything!

Keep in mind, the consistency you are aiming for in your Stucco mix is that of “ Butter Cream Frosting”. This is important to prevent it from being too loose or too hard and in turn too difficult to spread/work.

Buttercream Frosting Consistency For Stucco Repair

“Buttercream Frosting” Consistency for your Stucco Repair Mix

Stucco Mix Recipe:
– Portland Cement (example)
– Brick or Mason’s sand (slightly damp) (example)
– Hydrated Lime (unless you have Plastic Cement)
– Acrylic Bonding Agent (ASTM C932)


The first question in most people’s mind is:

How much of each should I use?

Sand and Cement:

– The industry rule of thumb for Sand and Cement is usually a 3:1 ratio. For example if you are measuring with a bucket, ideally you would use three buckets of sand in the mix, for every one bucket of cement.

Depending on the job, and its location, this ratio may change slightly for your comfort. When patching a stucco ceiling or soffit, although not necessary, consider starting with a 2:1 ratio (2 sand & 1 Cement) this makes for a stickier consistency so that it does not succumb to pull of gravity as easily.

Hydrated Lime:

If you are using regular cement, then you need Hydrated Lime, if you are using plastic cement then you do not need it because it is already accounted for.

The reason for Hydrated Lime in this “Stucco Repair Mix” Is that without it, the resulting mix, will most likely NOT be easy to spread and will NOT grasp on to the walls or soffits properly.

Hydrated Lime amount: If you need to apply lime to your mix the industry rule of thumb is usually about 15 lbs of Hydrated lime per every 94 lb bag of regular cement.

Acrylic Bonding Agent:

Because your doing a stucco repair, you will need this bonding agent. Your bonding agent should conform to (ASTM C932) and this should be added to the mix as per the manufacturers recommendations.


Here is the preferred sequence when you are mixing these stucco repair ingredients:

1) WATER: Pour some water into the Bucket or Mixer
2) SAND: Follow the water by pouring a part of the sand
3) CEMENT: Add the cement
4) LIME: Add the lime
5) BONDING AGENT: Add the bonding agent
6) WATER: Add some more water ( a little at a time)
7) SAND: Add the balance of the sand (with some more water if needed)

Stucco Repair

Stucco Repair Mix

Mix the plaster for a few minutes until it has the right consistency to be workable.

Be mindful of how much water you apply, if you add too much water it can potentially lead to weakness in the plaster wall and in the future you may see some cracks or checking in the wall.

If you have any question, concern, or if you would like a free estimate contact us HERE

Stucco Repair

Stucco Repair

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