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For decades, top home inspectors used their experience with roofing, electrical, and plumbing systems to evaluate their efficiency when people bought homes. However, as technology advanced, there are now instruments and gadgets that report this information in a fraction of the time and with greater accuracy to home inspectors.

Newer Home Inspection Tools

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging GadgetsThese tools uncover heretofore hidden electrical and other home safety issues. These devices identify the quality and efficiency of multiple systems, including water delivery, in a house. By providing data on heat loss, overheating electrical panels, penetrating water problems, and other potential safety or costly to repair issues that homeowners or buyers face in the present or future.Most top home inspection firms offer thermal imaging scans at no extra cost, since they save time and are non-invasive solutions to generating accurate home inspection reports. These gadgets reduce or eliminate unwelcome surprises with hidden system malfunctions that may generate costly repairs in the coming months.These tools also can “see” gas leaks, as well as unwanted liquid penetration or electrical system overheating issues. Infrared scans will uncover any furnace problems where energy is being lost through furnace inefficiency or under-insulated piping.
  • Water Pressure GaugesWhile low water pressure is easy to identify, even for untrained homeowners, overly high water pressure is difficult to measure without a professional water pressure gauge. Both low and high pressure are problematic for plumbing systems. Good water pressure gauges in the hands of top home inspectors identify and measure the pressure accurately to determine if pressure regulators should be installed.
  • Moisture MetersThese tools were a technology breakthrough about a decade ago. Now they are constant companions of top home inspectors to measure hidden moisture in houses. Since moisture has the tendency to accumulate in walls and under flooring, this gadget is a miracle worker for home inspectors and amazes homeowners, too.The electronic moisture meter can “read” water content without making holes in your walls or ripping up some flooring or floor coverings. If it determines there is moisture or potential damage to your walls and/or floors, home inspectors can report this condition to you for further testing or action.
  • Remote Laser Temperature ReadersThese gadgets instantly determine the temperature of all surfaces (that the internal laser can penetrate). Inspectors can tell whether heating/cooling vents are working. Even if you have 1960s and 1970s electric heat (with wires in floors and/or walls), inspectors can learn if they are operating properly.
  • Portable Carbon Monoxide Measurement GadgetsSince most homes use “fuel burning” furnaces or other appliances, there is always the risk of random or excessive carbon monoxide emissions. Home inspectors often use portable combustion analyzers to learn if a home’s appliances (typically, furnaces or gas water heaters) have improper burning flames causing one or more appliances to give off this dangerous, life-threatening gas.



These are some newer gadgets that help home inspectors perform faster, more accurate home inspections, avoiding messy invasive procedures to evaluate home systems. Using lasers and infrared imaging, home inspectors can use today’s technology to more accurately spot potential problems for homeowners and prospective buyers.
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